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Founder of Sarah the Painter, LLC is Sarah Beplay from Granger, IN born on March 9, 1990. 

Sarah has always been naturally creative and an artistic person..


After receiving a full-ride scholarship She decided to attend college at Indiana University studying Graphic Design. Feeling anxious to spread her wings and get out of her hometown. She took the leap at age of 21 & moved to Cleveland, OH to pursue a career in the aviation industry as a flight attendant. During that time, on her days off she would take on small painting jobs. 

I get asked a lot.. "How did you get into painting?"


Have you ever felt like there was a void in your fulfillment of what you do for a living? It was a feeling I couldn't shake.- But when things were uncertain I always had my creative side and painting- that always lifted me up.. I'm good at it- I love it- So I went full force- without looking back and launched Sarah the Painter, LLC in 2014.

Each year we are blessed to have expanded and exceed each years goals.  


"I think it's important that you love what you do. I am very fortunate to have found that and be successful with it."


Our company mission is to provide the highest quality of service at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our attention to detail. We have worked on several residential and commercial spaces throughout North East, OH.  After discussing your projects needs, you'll understand the professionalism and depth of knowledge Sarah the Painter LLC brings to the painting industry. 


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